View and manage notifications

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Astra Control notifies you when actions have completed or failed. For example, you’ll see a notification if a backup of an app completed successfully.

The number of unread notifications is available in the top right of the interface:

A screenshot that shows the Astra Control interface where you can view the number of unread notifications.

You can view these notifications and mark them as read (this can come in handy if you like to clear unread notifications like we do).

  1. Click the number of unread notifications in the top right.

    A screenshot that shows the expanded notifications in the Astra Control interface.

  2. Review the notifications and then click Mark as read or Show all notifications.

    If you clicked Show all notifications, the Notifications page loads.

  3. On the Notifications page, view the notifications, select the ones that you want to mark as read, click Action and select Mark as read.