Invite and remove users

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Invite users to join your Astra Control account and remove users that should no longer have access to the account.

Invite users

Account Owners and Admins can invite other users to join the Astra Control account.

  1. Make sure that the user has a Cloud Central login.

  2. Click Account.

  3. In the Users tab, click + Invite users.

  4. Enter the user’s name, email address, and their role.

    Note the following:

    • The email address must match the email address that the user used to sign up to Cloud Central.

    • Each role provides the following permissions:

      • An Owner has Admin permissions and can delete accounts.

      • An Admin has Member permissions and can invite other users.

      • A Member can fully manage apps and clusters.

      • A Viewer can view resources.

        A screenshot of the Invite Users screen where you enter a name

  5. Click Send invite(s).


The user will receive an email that invites them to join your account.

Change a user’s role

An Account Owner can change the role of all users, while an Account Admin can change the role of users who have the Admin, Member, or Viewer role.

  1. Click Account.

  2. In the Users tab, select the drop-down list in the Role column for the user.

  3. Select a new role and then click Change Role when prompted.


Astra Control updates the user’s permissions based on the new role that you selected.

Remove users

An Account Owner can remove other users from the account at any time.

  1. Click Account.

  2. In the Users tab, select the users that you want to remove.

  3. Click Actions and select Remove user/s.

  4. When you’re prompted, confirm deletion by typing the user’s name and then click Yes, Remove User.


Astra Control removes the user from the account.