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Subscription overview


The subscription endpoints manage subscriptions for BlueXP services for end users. The endpoints register a specified subscription on BlueXP digital wallet and associate it with the Tenancy service.

A subscription for BlueXP services is a collection of the following:

  • Subscription ID (such as 666777, A-S000003969)

  • Subscription type (such as Keystone)

  • Expiration date (such as 20251109)

  • Last modified (such as 2021-11-09 00:00:00)

  • Resource identifier (such as license-481000495-6897991f-f83f-41c1-b151-eb62073e57be), used internally

The subscription endpoints support the Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) operation on the subscription and subscription_resource tables
based on the subscription ID.

Each license or subscription that is managed by BlueXP digital wallet has a resource identifier in the Tenancy service that associates it with an account.

You can perform the following actions with the subscription endpoints:

  • Read, create, update, or delete a subscription