Nss overview


NetApp Support Site (NSS) endpoints in the BlueXP IPA service provide various functions
related to NSS key management, migration, and access-token retrieval.

An NSS key is a collection of the following:

  • Public identifier

  • Resource identifier — used internally (such as VsaWorkingEnvironment-6iEs02vL)

  • Account ID (such as account-NJ1nCpW5)

  • Resource class (such as ON_PREM, VSA, S3)

  • NSS key ID (such as a75d2cbb-4be9-4115-b8d0-31fa10c7791c)

  • NSS username - the name with which an NSS registration is made

You can perform the following actions with the NSS endpoints:

  • NSS key management (retrieve, update, delete)

  • Associate or dissociate an NSS key

  • Update an NSS key of a resource

  • Migrate an NSS key and associate it to a resource

  • Retrieve an access token (required for registration)

  • Retrieve an NSS username and email