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Connector and client identifiers

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There are several additional identifiers you typically need depending on the grant type and REST API call.


A Connector is a type of agent deployed in the public cloud on behalf of a customer. It executes commands and other actions on behalf of BlueXP as part of managing the local cloud environment. For example, a Connector is can be used to access to one or more Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances.

Connector ID

Every Connector is assigned a unique identifier. This value is carried in the HTTP x-agent-id request header to identify the request destination.

Example of a Connector ID

Client ID

In general, a client ID uniquely identifies a client and can be used in several different ways with the BlueXP REST APIs.

Refresh token grant

When requesting a user access token with the refresh token grant for the SaaS access model, the client ID is constant and represents NetApp BlueXP. The value is always Mu0V1ywgYteI6w1MbD15fKfVIUrNXGWC.

Client credentials grant

When requesting a service token with the client credentials grant, you must retrieve the client ID from the service account through the BlueXP web user interface.

Derive from Connector ID

You can derive the client ID from the associated Connector ID by simply removing the suffix clients. This value is used when accessing the Connector directly (not through the SaaS model).