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Resource overview


A resource is an object managed by BlueXP. By default, all objects within BlueXP are considered resources. Each resource is owned by an account and a Connector defined within the account. A single resource can be associated with one or more workspaces.

Each resource contains the following information:

  • Public identifier (such as resource-PnA04qmQ)

  • Resource identifier — used internally (such as VsaWorkingEnvironment-6iEs02vL)

  • Resource type (such as S3, AZURE, GCP)

  • Resource class (such as ON_PREM, VSA, S3)

The following actions can be performed with the resource endpoints:

  • Discover a resource

  • Create, update, or delete a resource

  • List the resources available in an account

  • Delete a service resource from an account

  • Associate or disassociate a resource from the workspace

  • Disassociate a resource from a Connector