Flash Cache

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Some Cloud Volumes ONTAP configurations include local NVMe storage, which Cloud Volumes ONTAP uses as Flash Cache for better performance.

What’s Flash Cache?

Flash Cache speeds access to data through real-time intelligent caching of recently read user data and NetApp metadata. It’s effective for random read-intensive workloads, including databases, email, and file services.

Supported configurations

Flash Cache is supported with specific Cloud Volumes ONTAP configurations. View supported configurations in the Cloud Volumes ONTAP Release Notes


  • Compression must be disabled on all volumes to take advantage of the Flash Cache performance improvements up to Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.12.0. When you deploy or upgrade to Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.12.1, you don’t need to disable compression.

    Choose no storage efficiency when creating a volume from BlueXP, or create a volume and then disable data compression by using the CLI.

  • Cache rewarming after a reboot is not supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.