Modify system write speed

BlueXP enables you to choose a normal or high write speed for Cloud Volumes ONTAP. The default write speed is normal. You can change to high write speed if fast write performance is required for your workload.

High write speed is supported with all types of single node systems and some HA pair configurations. View supported configurations in the Cloud Volumes ONTAP Release Notes

Before you change the write speed, you should understand the differences between the normal and high settings.

About this task
  • Ensure that operations such as volume or aggregate creation are not in progress.

  • Be aware that this change restarts the Cloud Volumes ONTAP system. This is disruptive process that requires downtime for the entire system.

  1. On the Canvas page, double-click the name of the system you configure to the write speed.

  2. On the Overview tab, click the Features panel and then click the pencil icon next to Write Speed.

    A screenshot that shows the Write Speed setting under the Features panel available in the top right of the Overview page when viewing a working environment.

  3. Select Normal or High.

    If you choose High, then you’ll need to read the "I understand…​" statement and confirm by checking the box.

    Note The High write speed option is supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA pairs in Google Cloud starting with version 9.13.0.
  4. Click Save, review the confirmation message, and then click Approve.