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BlueXP digital wallet

Learn about the BlueXP digital wallet

Contributors netapp-bcammett

The BlueXP digital wallet enables you to manage and monitor BlueXP licenses purchased from NetApp (BYOL), BlueXP marketplace subscriptions, and NetApp Keystone.


  • Manage capacity-based and node-based licenses for Cloud Volumes ONTAP

  • Add and manage licenses for BlueXP data services

  • Manage subscriptions for PAYGO and annual contracts associated with your BlueXP account and with Astra Control

  • Manage Keystone Subscription services for use with Cloud Volumes ONTAP and on-premises ONTAP clusters, and request changes to committed capacity

  • View hardware and software contract status information for on-premises ONTAP clusters

Supported services

The BlueXP digital wallet enables you to manage licenses for the following services: