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BlueXP disaster recovery


Contributors amgrissino

Known limitations identify platforms, devices, or functions that are not supported by this release of the service, or that do not interoperate correctly with it.

Failback uses latest Snapshot copy

In the current release, the failback process always uses the latest Snapshot copy. This occurs even if you chose a specific Snapshot copy to use.

BlueXP might not discover Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Sometimes, BlueXP does not discover Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP clusters. This might be because the FSx credentials were not correct.

Workaround: Add the Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP cluster in BlueXP and periodically refresh the cluster to display any changes.

If you need to remove the ONTAP FSx cluster from BlueXP disaster recovery service, complete the following steps:

  1. In the BlueXP Connector, use the connectivity options from your cloud provider, connect to the Linux VM that the Connector runs on, restart the "occm" service using the docker restart occm command.

  2. In the BlueXP Canvas, add the Amazon FSx for ONTAP environment again and provide the FSx credentials.

  3. From BlueXP disaster recovery, select Sites, on the vCenter row select the Actions option Actions menu icon in BlueXP disaster recovery service, and from the Actions menu, select Refresh to refresh the FSx discovery in BlueXP disaster recovery.

    This rediscovers the datastore, its virtual machines, and its destination relationship.