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BlueXP economic efficiency

Set up BlueXP economic efficiency

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To use BlueXP economic efficiency, perform a few steps to set it up.

  • Review prerequisites to ensure that your environment is ready.

  • Create a Connector in BlueXP.

  • Discover the cluster in BlueXP.

You can create a Connector directly in BlueXP and use that Connector later in BlueXP economic efficiency. Or, you can create the Connector in the middle of the capacity remediation process.

Similarly, you can discover the cluster ahead of time using BlueXP or during the capacity remediation process.

Create a Connector in BlueXP

A BlueXP Connector includes credentials to NetApp ONTAP machines.

To create a Connector in BlueXP before using the service, refer to the BlueXP documentation that describes how to create a connector.

Discover the cluster in BlueXP

Part of the setup involves identifying the cluster name, IP, user name, and password within BlueXP.

For instructions before using the service, refer to Discover on-premises ONTAP clusters.