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BlueXP economic efficiency

Tier cold data to cloud storage and free up storage

Contributors amgrissino netapp-bcammett

BlueXP economic efficiency provides recommendations based on forecasted data growth. You can accept the forecast or enter your own forecast. Based on this, the service presents recommendations that satisfy the projected capacity growth and are most optimal for the storage asset configuration. One of the recommendations might be to tier cold data to cloud storage to free up capacity. This recommendation initiates the connection to NetApp BlueXP tiering, another BlueXP service.

From there, you can tier the data and easily return to BlueXP economic efficiency to take action on other systems.

The cloud tiering process includes these processes:

  • Deploy a Connector

  • Discover the cluster

  • Set up tiering to the cloud

  1. From the BlueXP left navigation, select Governance > Economic efficiency > Capacity planning.

  2. Select Evaluate Storage Options for the asset.

  3. Select Tier Cold Data.

  4. The next steps depend on whether you have a BlueXP Connector deployed already and the cluster discovered:

    • If you need to deploy the BlueXP Connector, refer to the BlueXP documentation that describes How to create a connector. Otherwise, if you already deployed the Connector, the option to deploy the connector does not appear.

    • If the service needs to discover the cluster, refer to Discover on-premises ONTAP clusters. Otherwise, if the cluster has already been discovered, the option to discover the cluster does not appear.

    BlueXP economic efficiency initiates the connection to the BlueXP tiering service.

  5. Select Add Connector.

  6. Choose a cloud provider, and select Continue.

  7. Select Continue or Skip to Deployment.

    After deploying a Connector, BlueXP tiering discovers the cluster, if not already discovered.

  8. After the cluster is discovered, set up the tiering.

    For details about tiering, refer to BlueXP tiering documentation.