Quick start for Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Using BlueXP, you can get started with FSx for ONTAP in just a few steps.

One Set up an IAM role in AWS

To create or manage an Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP working environment, you need to add AWS credentials to BlueXP by providing the ARN of an IAM role that gives BlueXP the permissions needed to create an FSx for ONTAP working environment. To do this, you must set up an IAM role that enables the BlueXP SaaS to assume the role.

Two Create an FSx for ONTAP working environment

You must create an Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP working environment before adding volumes.

Three Create a Connector for AWS

You must have a Connector for AWS to open the FSx for ONTAP working environment, create volumes, or perform other actions. When a Connector is required, BlueXP will prompt you if one is not already active.

Four Add and mount a volume

You can create and mount FSx for ONTAP volumes using BlueXP.

What’s next

You can now use BlueXP to manage your volumes and configure additional services such as replication, copy and sync, and classification.