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On-premises ONTAP clusters

Manage clusters that were discovered directly

Contributors netapp-bcammett

If you discovered your on-prem ONTAP cluster directly without using a Connector, you can open the working environment to manage the cluster by using System Manager.

Before you begin

The computer that you're using to access the BlueXP console must have a network connection to the on-prem ONTAP cluster, similar to how you would provide connections to other resources in your private network.


A few System Manager features are not supported from BlueXP.

  1. On the Canvas page, select the on-premises ONTAP working environment.

    The working environment icon identifies clusters that were discovered directly:

    A screenshot of the working environment icon that appears on the Canvas

  2. If prompted, enter your ONTAP credentials.

    You're prompted to log in with your ONTAP credentials each time that you open the working environment, if you don't save the credentials. You have the option to save the credentials so that you don't need to enter them each time. If you use this option, the credentials are associated with your BlueXP user only. They aren't saved for use by anyone else in your account.

    A screenshot that shows the prompt to enter the user name and password for an ONTAP cluster.

  3. Use System Manager to manage ONTAP.

    If you need help using System Manager with ONTAP, you can refer to ONTAP documentation for step-by-step instructions. Here are a few links that might help: