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BlueXP operational resiliency

Remediate risks using an Ansible playbook

Contributors amgrissino

You can review security risks and download an Ansible playbook that you can follow to fix the issue.

You can download an Ansible playbook, an open-source deployment system that enables you to run configuration tasks. To use Ansible, simply run the playbook file, which uses the inventory and helper files stored in the same directory.

What you'll need

The system must be able access the cluster IP over the network for executing Ansible playbooks.

  1. From the BlueXP left navigation, select Health > Operational resiliency > Risk Remediation.

  2. In the list of risks, sort by the Impact level column to see the highest risks first.

  3. Select the risk and select Remediate risk.

  4. To download an Ansible playbook that you use to remediate the issue yourself, select Download.

    The service installs the Ansible playbook to your local machines in a location that you choose. The playbook downloads as a zip file, which contains several YML files.

  5. Locate the Ansible playbook in the download folder.

  6. Run the Ansible playbook:

    $ ansible-playbook <playbook.yml>

    For instructions on how to use an Ansible playbook, refer to the Ansible documentation.

  7. Follow the instructions in the playbook.