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Setup and administration

Getting started workflow (private mode)

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Get started with BlueXP in private mode by preparing your environment and deploying the Connector.

Private mode is typically used with on-premises environments that have no internet connection and with secure cloud regions, which includes AWS Secret Cloud, AWS Top Secret Cloud, and Azure IL6

Before you get started, you should have an understanding of BlueXP accounts, Connectors, and deployment modes.

  1. Prepare a dedicated Linux host that meets requirements for CPU, RAM, disk space, Docker Engine, and more.

  2. Set up networking that provides access to the target networks.

  3. For cloud deployments, set up permissions in your cloud provider so that you can associate those permissions with the Connector after you install the software.

  1. Install the Connector software on your own Linux host.

  2. Set up BlueXP by opening a web browser and entering the Linux host's IP address.

  3. For cloud deployments, provide BlueXP with the permissions that you previously set up.