Manage your Amazon S3 buckets

After you install a Connector in AWS, BlueXP can automatically discover information about the Amazon S3 buckets that reside in the AWS account where the Connector is installed. An Amazon S3 working environment is added to the Canvas so you can view this information.

A screenshot of an Amazon S3 working environment.

You can view details about your S3 buckets, including the region, access policy, account, total and used capacity, and more. These buckets can be used as destinations for BlueXP backup and recovery, BlueXP tiering, or BlueXP copy and sync operations. Additionally, you can use BlueXP classification to scan these buckets.

A newly added feature now enables you to create and edit S3 buckets. Go here to see how you can view, create, and manage your S3 buckets using BlueXP