View your StorageGRID systems

Contributors netapp-bcammett

After you discover your StorageGRID systems, you can view details about capacity distribution and the associated alerts, nodes, and tenants.

  1. From the navigation menu, select Storage > Canvas.

  2. On the Canvas page, select the StorageGRID working environment that you want to view.

  3. Select any of the tabs to view more details about your StorageGRID system:

    • Overview: A detailed view of the system’s capacity distribution (used and free capacity), the number of system alerts, nodes, and tenants, and more.

      A screenshot of the Overview tab in a StorageGRID working environment.

    • Alerts: A summary of system alerts, which includes active alerts, resolved alerts, and silenced alerts.

    • Nodes: Details about the admin node, API gateway node, and storage nodes. This includes percentages for object data used, object metadata used, and CPU usage.

      A screenshot of the Nodes tab in a StorageGRID working environment.

    • Tenants: Key details about tenants, which includes logical space used, quota utilization, quota, and object count.

      A screenshot of the Tenants tab in a StorageGRID working environment.