Add disks to aggregate

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You can add disks to an existing aggregate.

1. Select the working environment to use

Perform the workflow Get working environments and choose the publicId value for the workingEnvironmentId path parameter.

2. Select the aggregate to delete

Perform the workflow Get aggregates and choose the name value for the aggregateName path parameter.

3. Add the disks

HTTP method Path



curl example
curl --location --request POST '<WORKING_ENV_ID>/<AGGR_NAME>/disks' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'x-agent-id: <AGENT_ID>' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' --d @JSONinput

You must include the following path parameters:

  • <WORKING_ENV_ID> (workingEnvironmentId)

  • <AGGR_NAME> (aggregateName)

Also, the JSON input example includes an input parameter as shown.

JSON input example
    "numberOfDisks": "1"