Get status of the replication relationships for a working environment

Contributors netapp-ranuk

You can use this workflow to retrieve the status of all the SnapMirror replication relationships for a specific working environment.

Note This workflow varies slightly depending on the cloud provider you are using.

1. Select the working environment

Based on the cloud provider, you need to perform a workflow to get the identifier for the working environment as shown in the following table.

Provider Workflow


Perform the workflow Get working environments and choose the publicId value for the workingEnvironmentId query parameter.

2. Get the status of the relationships

HTTP method Path



curl example
curl --location --request GET '<WORKING_ENV_ID>' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'x-agent-id: <AGENT_ID>' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>'

Path parameters:

  • <WORKING_ENV_ID> (workingEnvironmentId)


The JSON output example includes the list of all the SnapMirror relationships with status for a specific working environment.

JSON output example
        "source": {
            "workingEnvironmentId": "vsaworkingenvironment-sfrf3wvj",
            "workingEnvironmentType": "VSA",
            "workingEnvironmentStatus": "ON",
            "clusterName": "zivgcp01we02",
            "region": "us-west1-b",
            "availabilityZone": null,
            "svmName": "svm_zivgcp01we02",
            "nodeName": null,
            "volumeName": "zivagg01vol01"
        "destination": {
            "workingEnvironmentId": "vsaworkingenvironment-2qkd75xv",
            "workingEnvironmentType": "VSA",
            "workingEnvironmentStatus": "ON",
            "clusterName": "zivgcp01we03",
            "region": "us-west1-b",
            "availabilityZone": null,
            "svmName": "svm_zivgcp01we03",
            "nodeName": "zivgcp01we03-01",
            "volumeName": "zivagg01vol01_copy"
        "mirrorState": "snapmirrored",
        "relationshipType": "extended_data_protection",
        "relationshipStatus": "idle",
        "relationshipProgress": null,
        "policy": "MirrorAllSnapshots",
        "policyType": "async_mirror",
        "schedule": "daily",
        "maxTransferRate": {
            "size": 102400.0,
            "unit": "KB"
        "networkCompressionRatio": "1:1",
        "healthy": true,
        "unhealthyReason": null,
        "lagTime": {
            "length": 14886,
            "unit": "SECONDS"
        "newestSnapshotName": "snapmirror.e7179420-5e45-11eb-8f27-d7fea0402bd2_2150573386.2021-01-25_123451",
        "newestSnapshotCreated": 1611578092,
        "lastTransferInfo": {
            "transferType": "update",
            "transferSize": {
                "size": 6240.0,
                "unit": "Byte"
            "transferDuration": {
                "length": 4,
                "unit": "SECONDS"
            "transferEnded": 1611578097,
            "transferError": null
        "currentTransferInfo": {
            "transferType": null,
            "transferPriority": null,
            "transferError": null
        "totalTransferTime": {
            "length": 6,
            "unit": "SECONDS"
        "totalTransferSize": {
            "size": 23792.0,
            "unit": "Byte"
        "volumeUsedSize": {
            "size": 1032192.0,
            "unit": "Byte"
        "volumeCapacityTier": {
            "size": 0.0,
            "unit": "Byte"