Back up on-premises applications data to Google Cloud Platform

Contributors netapp-soumikd

You can back up the applications data from ONTAP to Google Cloud Platform by integrating Cloud Backup for Applications with BlueXP and on-premises SnapCenter.

You can protect one or more applications simultaneously to the cloud using a single policy.

Important You can protect only one application at a time if you are using the BlueXP GUI. However, if you are using REST APIs, you can protect multiple applications simultaneously.


  1. In BlueXP UI, click Protection > Backup and recovery > Applications.

  2. Click icon to select the action corresponding to the application and click Activate Backup.

  3. In the Assign Policy page, select the policy and click Next.

  4. Add the working environment.

    Configure the ONTAP cluster that hosts the SVM on which the application is running. After adding the working environment for one of the applications, it can be reused for all the other applications residing on the same ONTAP cluster.

    1. Select the SVM and click Add Working Environment.

    2. In the Add Working Environment wizard:

      1. Specify the IP address of the ONTAP cluster.

      2. Specify the admin credentials.

        Cloud Backup for Applications supports only cluster admin.

    3. Click Add Working Environment.

  5. Select Google Cloud Platform as the cloud provider.

    1. Select the Google Cloud Project where you want the Google Cloud Storage bucket to be created for backups..

    2. In the Google Cloud Access Key field, specify the key.

    3. In the Google Cloud Secret Key field, specify the password.

    4. Select the region where you want to create the backups.

    5. Specify the IP space.

  6. Review the details and click Activate Backup.