Administer Cloud Volumes ONTAP using the Advanced View

If you need to perform advanced management of Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can do so using ONTAP System Manager, which is a management interface that’s provided with an ONTAP system. We have included the System Manager interface directly inside BlueXP so that you don’t need to leave BlueXP for advanced management.

This Advanced View is available as a Preview. We plan to refine this experience and add enhancements in upcoming releases. Please send us feedback by using the in-product chat.


The Advanced View in BlueXP gives you access to additional management features:

  • Advanced storage management

    Manage consistency groups, shares, qtrees, quotas, and Storage VMs.

  • Networking management

    Manage IPspaces, network interfaces, portsets, and ethernet ports.

  • Events and jobs

    View event logs, system alerts, jobs, and audit logs.

  • Advanced data protection

    Protect storage VMs, LUNs, and consistency groups.

  • Host management

    Set up SAN initiator groups and NFS clients.

Supported configurations

Advanced management through System Manager is supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.10.0 and later in standard cloud regions.

System Manager integration is not supported in GovCloud regions or in regions that have no outbound internet access.


A few features that appear in the System Manager interface are not supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP:

  • BlueXP tiering

    The BlueXP tiering service is not supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Tiering data to object storage must be set up directly from BlueXP’s Standard View when creating volumes.

  • Tiers

    Aggregate management (including local tiers and cloud tiers) is not supported from System Manager. You must manage aggregates directly from BlueXP’s Standard View.

  • Firmware upgrades

    Automatic firmware updates from the Cluster > Settings page is not supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

In addition, role-based access control from System Manager is not supported.

How to get started

Open a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment and click the Advanced View option.

  1. From the left navigation menu, select Storage > Canvas.

  2. On the Canvas page, double-click the name of a Cloud Volumes ONTAP system.

  3. In the top-right, click Switch to Advanced View.

    A screenshot of a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment that shows the Switch to Advanced View option.

  4. If the confirmation message appears, read through it and click Close.

  5. Use System Manager to manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

  6. If needed, click Switch to Standard View to return to standard management through BlueXP.

Help with using System Manager

If you need help using System Manager with Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can refer to ONTAP documentation for step-by-step instructions. Here are a few links that might help: