Known limitations

Known limitations identify platforms, devices, or functions that are not supported by this release of the product, or that do not interoperate correctly with it. Review these limitations carefully.

These limitations are specific to BlueXP set up and administration: the Connector, the SaaS platform, and more.

Connector limitations

Default EC2 instance settings should not be changed

When you deploy the Connector in AWS, the following EC2 instance settings are configured by default:

  • IMDSv2 is set to optional

  • HttpTokens is set to optional

These settings should not be changed to required. Changing these settings to required impacts the Connector and Cloud Volumes ONTAP availability.

Possible conflict with IP addresses in the 172 range

BlueXP deploys the Connector with two interfaces that have IP addresses in the and ranges.

If your network has a subnet configured with either of these ranges, then you might experience connectivity failures from BlueXP. For example, discovering on-prem ONTAP clusters in BlueXP might fail.

See Knowledge Base article BlueXP Connector IP conflict with existing network for instructions on how to change the IP address of the Connector’s interfaces.

SSL decryption isn’t supported

BlueXP doesn’t support firewall configurations that have SSL decryption enabled. If SSL decryption is enabled, error messages appear in BlueXP and the Connector instance displays as inactive.

For enhanced security, you have the option to install an HTTPS certificate signed by a certificate authority (CA).

Blank page when loading the local UI

If you load the web-based console that’s running on a Connector, the interface might fail to display sometimes, and you just get a blank page.

This issue is related to a caching problem. The workaround is to use an incognito or private web browser session.

Shared Linux hosts are not supported

The Connector isn’t supported on a VM that is shared with other applications. The VM must be dedicated to the Connector software.

3rd-party agents and extensions

3rd-party agents or VM extensions are not supported on the Connector VM.