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Asset Page Related Alerts section

Contributors netapp-alavoie

You can use the Related Alerts section of an asset page to see any alerts that occur in your environment as a result of a monitor assigned to an asset. Monitors generate alerts based on conditions you set, and enable you to identify the implication and analyze the impact and root cause of the problem in a manner that enables rapid and effective correction.

The following example shows a typical Related Alerts section that displays on an asset page:

Related Alerts Table

The Related Alerts section enables you to view and manage the alerts that occur in your network as the result of monitor conditions assigned to an asset.

  • Locate an asset page by doing any of the following:

    • Type the name of the asset in the Search area, and then select the asset from the list.

    • In a dashboard widget, click on the name of an asset.

    • Query for a set of assets and select on from the results list.

The asset page displays. The Related Alerts section displays the time the alert was triggered as well as current status of the alert and the monitor that triggered it. You can click the Alert ID to open the landing page for the alert for further investigation.