Log Explorer

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The Cloud Insights Log Explorer is a powerful tool for querying system logs. In addition to helping with investigations, you can also save a log query in a Monitor to provide alerts when those particular log triggers are activated.

To begin exploring logs, click Queries > +New Log Query.

Log queries menu

Select an available log from the list.

Choose your log

Note The types of logs available for querying may vary based on your environment. Additional log types may be added over time.

You can set filters to further refine the results of the query. For example, to find all log messages showing a failure, set a filter for Messages containing the word "failed".

Tip You can begin typing the desired text in the filter field; Cloud Insights will prompt you to create a wildcard search containing the string as you type.

The results are displayed in a graph showing the number of log instances in each time period shown. Below the graph are the log entries temselves. The graph and the entries refresh automatically based on the selected time range.

Query example showing filter

The Log Graph

The graph shows the number of log entries, grouped into buckets, which are based on the selected dashboard time range. The buckets for each time range are as follows:

Dashboard Time Range

Bucket size

Last 15 Minutes

10 Seconds

Last 30 Minutes

15 Seconds

Last 60 Minutes

30 Seconds

Last 2 Hours

1 Minute

Last 3 Hours

5 Minutes

Last 6 Hours

5 Minutes

Last 12 Hours

10 Minutes

Last 24 Hours

15 Minutes

Last 2 Days

30 Minutes

Last 3 Days

45 Minutes

Last 7 Days

2 Hours

Last 30 Days

1 Day

To zoom in the graph, simply drag the sliders from either side. To pan the zoomed area, click and hold in the white area and move left or right. Click Reset Zoom to reset the zoom level.

Zoom in by dragging in the sides of the graph

Note that when zooming the graph or scrolling the table, dashboard auto-refresh will pause and the time range will show the frozen time. To resume refresh, click the Resume button ResumeButton. This will also reset the zoom level.

At any point, you can click on Create a Log Monitor to create a new Monitor based on the current filter.

Log Details

Clicking anywhere in a log entry in the list will open a detail pane for that entry. Here you can explore more information about the event.

Click on "Add Filter" to add the selected field to the current filter. The log entry list will update based on the new filter.

Log Entry Detail Pane


Here you will find suggestions for troubleshooting problems with Log Queries.


Try this:

I don’t see "debug" messages in my log query

Debug log messaging is not collected. To capture messages you want, change the relevant message severity to informational, error, alert, emergency, or notice level.