Preview Features and Functionality

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Cloud insights highlights new features and functionality in a Preview manner. Preview features are made available in limited environments or at limited capacity.

If you are interested in previewing one or more of these features, contact your NetApp Sales Team for more information.

Here are some features currently in Preview:



Internal Volume and Volume Capacity Time-to-Full forecasting

Cloud Insights is able to prognose the number of days until capacity runs out for each Internal Volume and Volume monitored. This value can help to significantly reduce the risk of an outage. Use the and timeToFull.confidenceInterval counters in Queries, Monitors, or Dashboards.

Restrict User Access automatic response action

When an attack is detected, Cloud Secure can stop the attack by restricting user access to the file system (full block, or set to read-only access).
Access can be restricted automatically, using Automated Response Policies or manually from the alert or user details pages.
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Shared Resource Under Stress

The Shared Resource Under Stress insight allows you to identify:
- Shared Storage Resources which are under stress due to high demand from one or more individual workloads
- Demanding and impacted workloads on the shared resource
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