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Cloud Insights provides four user accounts, Account Owner, Administrator, User, and Guest. Each account is assigned specific permission levels.

Permission levels

The following illustration identifies the permissions granted to each user account.

user roles fig

You use an account that has Administrator privileges to create or modify user accounts. Each user account is assigned one of the following permission levels.
* Guest can view asset pages, dashboards, queries and run queries.
* User can perform all guest-level privileges, and create, modify or delete, dashboards, queries, annotations, annotation rules, and applications. Users cannot create modify or delete policies.
* Admins and Account Owner can perform all functions including adding new users and managing data collectors.

The Account Owner is created when you register for Cloud Insights.

Best practice is to limit the number of users with Administrator permissions. The greatest number of accounts should be user or guest accounts.

Creating user accounts

Creating a new user account is achieved through Cloud Central. A user can respond to the invitation sent through email, but if the user does not have an account with Cloud Central, the user needs to sign up with Cloud Central so that they can accept the invitation.

Before you begin
  • The user name is the email address of the invitation.

  • Understand the user roles you will be assigning.

  • Passwords are defined by the user during the sign up process.

  1. Log into Cloud Insights

  2. In the menu, click Admin > Account Manager

    The User Management screen is displayed. The screen contains a list of all of the accounts on the system.

  3. Click + User

    The Invite User screen is displayed.

  4. Enter an email address or multiple addresses for invitations.

    Note: When you enter multiple addresses, they are all created with the same role. You can only set multiple users to the same role.

  5. Enter the user’s e-mail address.

  6. Select the user role.

  7. Click Invite

    The invitation is sent to the user. Users will have 14 days to accept the invitation. Once a user accepts the invitation, he or she will be taken to the NetApp Cloud Portal, where they will sign up using the email address in the invitation.
    If they have an existing account for that email address, they can simply sign in and will then be able to access their Cloud Insights environment.