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Alert Details

Contributors netapp-alavoie

Clicking the synopsis for an alert opens the page providing detailed information for the user and the alert they raised.

Alert Details page displays user

Alert Details provides information for the alert selected in the Alerts page.

  • The severity of the alert

  • The user that raised the alert and the alert type:

    • Abnormal Access By User

    • Abnormal Access By Community

    • Abnormal Access By User in Community

    • User joined many communities

  • Date and time the alert was detected

  • The action taken

    • Quarantined

    • Other

    • Other

  • The status of the alert

    • New

    • In progress

    • Dismissed

    • Resolved

  • User's activity rate change

    • Typical per hour activities

    • Per hour activities when the alert was raised.

    • Percentage of rate change that caused the alert.

  • A graph showing historical average activity rate and the activity rate that resulted in the alert.

  • User name and title

  • Department

  • Email with a link to the Email address

  • Manager

  • Phone

  • Location


Shows the user's activity for the last 7 days and the last location the user accessed from.

  • Activities:

    • Read

    • Other

    • Create

  • Total number of alerts in the last seven days.

  • Total number of activities in the last 7 days.

Click View Activity Detail to access the Activity History of the user being examined.