Forensic User Overview

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Information for each user is provided in the User Overview. Use these views to understand user characteristics, communities and entities the user is associated with, and the user’s recent activities.

User Profile

User Profile information includes contact information and location of the user. The profile provides the following information:

  • Name of the user

  • Email address of the user

  • User’s Manager

  • Phone contact for the user

  • Location of the user

Communities and Entities

The communities and entities information identifies the following:

  • The number of communities the user is associated with

  • Total users in the associated communities

  • Total entities in the associated communities

User Behavior

The user behavior information identifies recent activities and operations performed by the user. This information includes:

  • Recent activity

    • Access location

    • Entities accessed

  • Operations for the last seven days

    • Number of write operations

    • Number of read operations

    • Number of times meta data was accessed