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Insights: Kubernetes Namespaces Running out of Space

Contributors netapp-alavoie

Running out of space in your environment is never a good situation. Cloud Insights helps you predict the time you have before Kubernetes persistent volumes become full.

The Kubernetes Namespaces Running Out of Space Insight gives you a view into workloads on your Kubernetes namespaces that are at risk of running out of space, with an estimate for the number of days remaining before each persistent volume becomes full.

You can view this Insight by navigating to Dashboards > Insights.

List of workloads in K8s namespaces that are at risk of running out of space

Click on a workload to open a detail page for the Insight. On this page you will see a graph showing the workload capacity trends as well as a table showing the following:

  • Workload Name

  • Persistent Volume affected

  • Predicted Time-to-Full in days

  • Persistent Volume capacity

  • Backend Storage Resource affected, with current capacity used out of total capacity. Clicking this link will opoen the detailed landing page for the backend volume.

Workload table showing details

What can I do if I'm running out of space?

On the Insight page, click the +Show Recommendations to view possible solutions. The easiest option when running out of space is always to add more capacity, and Cloud Insights shows you the optimal capacity to add to increase time-to-full to a target 60-day prediction. Other recommendations are also shown.

Capacity to add to return to 60-day TTF

It is here also that you can copy a convenient link to this Insight, to bookmark the page or to easily share with your team.