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Business Entity Annotations

Contributors netapp-alavoie

Create and manage business entities for your corporate environment by using the Business Entity annotation type.

Creating a Business Entity

To create a business entity, do the following:

  1. Click on Manage > Annotations and click on the Business Entity link.

    The list of currently defined business entities is displayed.

  2. Click + Business Entity.

  3. Enter values for the Tenant, Line of Business, Business Unit, and Project fields.

    You can leave any field empty if it doesn't apply for your business entity.

  4. If you have previously entered a value for a field, you can select that value from the drop-down. You do not need to type it in again.

Note The selected values must compose a unique total business entity. For example, if you already have a business entity with the values A / B / C / D in that order, you can not create another business entity with those values in that order. You can, however, create a business entity with those values in a different order.

Applying a Business Entity to an Object

The easiest way to apply a business entity to an object or objects is through a query.

  1. Click Queries > +New Query and select the desired object type. You can apply filters to further narrow down the results.

  2. Click the checkbox to select the object(s) for which you wish to apply the business entity.

  3. Click Bulk Actions and select Add Annotation.

  4. Choose the Business Entity annotation, and select the desired business entity value from the list.

  5. Click Save to apply the business entity to the object(s).

You can also apply a business entity to an individual object by navigating to the object's asset landing page and clicking on *+Annotation) in the User Data section.

You can also configure an Annotation Rule to apply business entities to objects.

Note An object can have only one business entity associated with it.

Removing a Business Entity from an object

To remove a business entity from an object or objects, query for and select the object(s), click Bulk Actions and select Remove Annotation. Select the Business Entity annotation and click Delete.