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Cloud Insights collects device data using one or more Acquisition Units installed on local servers. Each Acquisition Unit can host multiple Data Collectors, which send device metrics to Cloud Insights for analysis.

This topic describes how to add Acquisition Units and describes additional steps required when your environment uses a proxy.

Adding a Linux Acquisition Unit

Before you begin
  • If your system is using a proxy, you must set the proxy environment variables before the acquisition unit is installed. For more information, see Setting proxy environment variables.

  • You must have an unzip program to unzip the downloaded files.

  • Be sure your server or VM meets the minimum requirements.

Steps for Linux Acquisition Unit Installation
  1. Log in as Administrator or Account Owner to your Cloud Insights environment.

  2. Click Admin > Data Collectors > Acquisition Units > +Acquisition Unit

    The system displays the Add Acquisition Unit dialog.

add acq linux
  1. Verify that the server or VM hosting the Acquisition Unit meets the minimum system requirements.

  2. Verify that the server is running a supported version of Linux, click Versions Supported (i).

  3. Copy the Installation command displayed in the dialog into a terminal window on the server or VM that will host the Acquisition unit.

  4. Execute the command in the Bash shell.

After you finish
  • Click Admin > Data Collectors > Acquisition units to check the status of Acquisition Units.

  • You can access the Acquisition Unit logs at /var/log/netapp/cloudinsights/acq/acq.log

  • Use the following script to stop, start, restart, or check the status the Acquisition Unit:
  • Use the following script to uninstall the Acquisition Unit:
  • For troubleshooting AU installation errors, see Troubleshooting Linux AU

Setting proxy environment variables

For environments that use a proxy, you must set the proxy environment variables before you add the Acquisition Unit. The instructions for configuring the proxy are provided on the Add Acquisition Unit dialog.

  1. Click + in Have a Proxy Server?

  2. Copy the commands to a text editor and set your proxy variables as needed.

  3. Run the edited command in a terminal.

  4. Install the Acquisition Unit software.