To track data associated with specific applications running in your environment, you can define the applications in Cloud Insights.

About this task

You can associate applications with the following assets: hosts, virtual machines, volumes, internal volumes, qtrees, shares, and hypervisors.

  1. In the Cloud Insights menu, click Manage > Applications.

    The Add Application dialog box displays.

    1. Enter a unique name for the application.

    2. Select a priority for the application.

    3. Click Save.

Assigning applications to assets

After defining an application, you can assign it to a host, virtual machine, volume, internal volume, qtree, or hypervisor. The procedure below assigns the application to a host as an example:

  1. Locate the asset to which you want to assign the application:

  2. Click Queries > New Query > Host.

  3. Click the check box on the left of the Host you want to associate with the application.

  4. Click Bulk Actions > Add Application.

    A list of applications is displayed.

  5. Select the application you are assigning the asset to.

You can assign any additional assets to the application using the steps above.

To access the landing page for the new application, click Manage > Application and select the application you created. The asset landing page will show you details about the application, including associated assets.

Editing or deleting applications

You might want to change an application’s priority, the business entity associated with an application, or the status of volume sharing.

  1. Click Manage > Applications.

  2. To edit the Application, click the "three dots" menu to the right of the application and select Edit.

    The Edit Application dialog box displays.

  3. Click Priority and select a different priority.

You cannot change the application’s name.
  1. Click Save.

  2. To delete the Application when no longer needed, click the "three dots" menu for the Application and select Delete.