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Deleting a Workload Security Agent

Contributors netapp-alavoie

When you delete a Workload Security Agent, all the data collectors associated with the Agent must be deleted first.

Deleting an Agent

Important Deleting an Agent deletes all of the Data Collectors associated with the Agent. If you plan to configure the data collectors with a different agent you should create a backup of the Data Collector configurations before you delete the Agent.
Before you begin
  1. Make sure all the data collectors associated with the agent are deleted from the Workload Security portal.

    Note: Ignore this step if all the associated collectors are in STOPPED state.

Steps to delete an Agent:
  1. SSH into the agent VM and execute the following command. When prompted, enter "y" to continue.

    sudo /opt/netapp/cloudsecure/agent/install/
    Uninstall CloudSecure Agent? [y|N]:
  2. Click Workload Security > Collectors > Agents

    The system displays the list of configured Agents.

  3. Click the options menu for the Agent you are deleting.

  4. Click Delete.

    The system displays the Delete Agent page.

  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.