Troubleshooting Acquisition Unit Problems on Linux

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Here you will find suggestions for troubleshooting problems with Acquisition Units on a Linux server.


Try this:

AU status on the Admin > Data Collectors page in the Acquisition Units tab displays "Certificate Expired” or “Certificate Revoked” .

Click on the menu to the right of the AU and select Restore Connection. Follow the instructions to restore your Acquisition Unit:
1. Issue the given command on the AU server/VM to stop the Acquisition Unit service. You can click the clipboard icon in the command window to quickly copy the command to the clipboard.
2. Copy the displayed token and paste it into a new file named "token".
3. Place this file in the /var/lib/netapp/cloudinsights/acq/conf/ folder.
4. Use the given command to start the Acquisition Unit service.

Installation fails on SELinux

When the AU is installed on SELinux, SE should be either disabled or set to permissive mode. Once the installation is complete, enforcing mode can be enabled.

Server Requirements not met

Ensure that your Acquisition Unit server or VM meets requirements

Network Requirements not met

Ensure that your Acquisition Unit server/VM can access your Cloud Insights environment (<environment-name> through SSL connection over port 443

Proxy Server not configured properly

Follow the instructions under “Have a Proxy Server?” in the Add an Acquisition Unit box.

Linux: missing library / file not found

Ensure that your Linux Acquisition Unit server/VM has all necessary libraries. For example, you must have the unzip library installed on the server. To install the unzip library, run the command *sudo yum install unzip* before running the Acquisition Unit install script

Permission issues

Be sure you are logged in as a user with sudo permissions

Acquisition Not Running:

Gather the acq.log from /opt/netapp/cloudinsights/acq/logs (Linux)
Restart the Acquisition Service: sudo restart acquisition

Data Collection Issues:

Send an Error Report from the Data Collector landing page by clicking the "Send Error Report" button

Considerations about Proxies and Firewalls

If your organization requires proxy usage for internet access, you may need to understand your organization’s proxy behavior and seek certain exceptions for Cloud Insights to work. Keep the following in mind:

  • First, does your organization block access by default, and only allow access to specific web sites/domains by exception? If so, you will need to get the following domain added to the exception list:


    Your Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit, as well as your interactions in a web browser with Cloud Insights, will all go to hosts with that domain name.

  • Second, some proxies attempt to perform TLS/SSL inspection by impersonating Cloud Insights web sites with digital certificates not generated from NetApp. The Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit’s security model is fundamentally incompatible with these technologies. You would also need the above domain name excepted from this functionality in order for the Cloud Insights Acquisition Unit to successfully login to Cloud Insights and facilitate data discovery.