Webhook Example for Discord

Webhooks allow users to send alert notifications to various applications using a customized webhook channel. This page provides an example for setting up webhooks for Discord.

Note This page refers to third-party instructions, which could be subject to change. Refer to the Discord documentation for the most up-to-date information.

Discord Setup:

  • In Discord, select the Server, under Text Channels, select Edit Channel (gear icon)

  • Select Integrations > View Webhooks and click New Webhook

  • Copy the Webhook URL. You will need to paste this into the Cloud Insights webhook configuration.

Create Cloud Insights Webhook:

  1. In Cloud Insights, navigate to Admin > Notifications and select the Webhooks tab. Click +Webhook to create a new webhook.

  2. Give the webhook a meaningful Name, such as "Discord".

  3. In the Template Type drop-down, select Discord.

  4. Paste the URL from above into the URL field.

Discord webhook template

Note In order to test the webhook, temporarily replace the url value in the message body with any valid URL (such as https://netapp.com) then click the Test Webhook button. Be sure to set the message body back once the test completes.

Notifications via Webhook

To notify on events via webhook, in Cloud Insights navigate to Alerts > Monitors and click +Monitor to create a new monitor.

  • Select a metric and define the monitor’s conditions.

  • Under _Set up team notification(s), choose the Webhook Delivery Method.

  • Choose the "Discord" webhook for the desired events (Critical, Warning, Resolved)

    Webhook Notifications