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Webhook Example for Microsoft Teams

Contributors netapp-alavoie

Webhooks allow users to send alert notifications to various applications using a customized webhook channel. This page provides an example for setting up webhooks for Teams.

Note This page refers to third-party instructions, which could be subject to change. Refer to the Teams documentation for the most up-to-date information.

Teams Setup:

  1. In Teams, select the kebab, and search for Incoming Webhook.

    Incoming Webhook in Teams

  2. Select Add to a Team > Select a Team > Setup a Connector.

  3. Copy the Webhook URL. You will need to paste this into the Cloud Insights webhook configuration.

Create Cloud Insights Webhook:

  1. In Cloud Insights, navigate to Admin > Notifications and select the Webhooks tab. Click +Webhook to create a new webhook.

  2. Give the webhook a meaningful Name, such as "Teams Webhook".

  3. In the Template Type drop-down, select Teams.

Teams webhook template

  1. Paste the URL from above into the URL field.

Notifications via Webhook

To notify on events via webhook, in Cloud Insights navigate to Alerts > Monitors and click +Monitor to create a new monitor.

  • Select a metric and define the monitor's conditions.

  • Under _Set up team notification(s), choose the Webhook Delivery Method.

  • Choose the "Teams" webhook for the desired events (Critical, Warning, Resolved)

    Webhook Notifications