Known issues identify problems that might prevent you from using the service successfully.

Bug ID Description Workaround


“Image Not Found” might display when viewing the system diagram for a converged infrastructure.

There is no workaround.


Firefox might stop responding when browsing the Converged Systems Advisor portal.

Wait for the script to complete.


The Converged Systems Advisor portal does not log you out after the timeout interval has expired. You remain logged in, but cannot see your FlexPod systems.

Close your current browser session and then log in again from a new browser tab or window.


When viewing details about a network switch, the Overview pane provides a visual representation of the status of each port. The color displayed for the port status can be misleading. For example, a red status typically indicates an error, but it can appear even when a port is not in use.

There is no workaround.


When viewing detailed information about a Nexus switch, the interfaces mapped to the VLAN do not match the actual device output.

There is no workaround.


Converged Systems Advisor displays "Pass" for the rule titled "VMware tools check" even though VMware tools was not installed on the virtual machine.

Ignore the rule status and obtain the correct information from the vCenter Server.