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Converged Systems Advisor

Configure notifications

Contributors netapp-rlithman

If you have a Premium license, Converged Systems Advisor can alert you about changes to your FlexPod infrastructure through email notifications.

  1. In the Converged Systems Advisor portal, click the Settings icon, and then click Alert Settings.

  2. Check the notification that you would like to receive for each converged infrastructure that has a Premium license.

    Each notification includes the following information:

    Collection Failures

    Alerts you when Converged Systems Advisor cannot collect data from a converged infrastructure.

    Offline Agent

    Alerts you when a Converged Systems Advisor agent is not online.

    Daily Alert Digest

    Alerts you about failed rules that occurred on the previous day.

  3. Click Save.


Converged Systems Advisor will now send email notifications to the users associated with the converged infrastructure.