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Converged Systems Advisor

Validate deployment for partners and resellers

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As a partner or reseller, you can validate the deployment of your customer's infrastructure by reviewing data displayed on the dashboard or by generating a Health report.

Before you start
  • You have installed a new FlexPod at your customer site, or you are working with an existing FlexPod.

  • You created accounts on FlexPod devices.

  • If you are using a TACACS+ server, you granted CSA user privileges.

  • You downloaded and installed the agent.

  • You set up the networking for the agent, and optionally, you installed an SSL certificate on the agent.

  • With your NetApp credentials, you created the CI for your customer to add the infrastructure to the portal.

    Refer to Add infrastructure to the portal to create a CI in the CSA portal.

  • Optionally, you shared the infrastructure with other users.


Partners and resellers use their own NetApp credentials to log in to the CSA portal to start the validation process.

  1. Log in to the Converged Systems Advisor portal using your NetApp credentials.

  2. Click Select a CI, and then click on the appropriate CI for the customer, or type the CI name in the search box. The dashboard for the CI is displayed.

As a partner or reseller you can validate your customer's infrastructure using the follow methods:

  • On the Dashboard, you can validate various aspects of the infrastructure:

    • Firmware Interoperability displays the installed software versions. Click each heading to view additional details.

    • Support Contract shows when contracts expire. Click View Details for additional information.

    • Agent Status displays details about the agent including the devices being monitored.

    • Capacity shows the utilization of disk space, network ports, and the UCS blade chassis. Click the links to view details for each utilization.

    • Health graphically displays the status of rules for storage, compute, network, and virtualization capabilities of the infrastructure. Click the color areas of the graphics to view additional details.

    • Rules Summary shows you alerts for failed rules and warnings. Click the arrows to the left of each row, or click the device name to view additional details.

  • In the action bar, select Reports→Health Report, to generate a detailed Converged System Health Report. You can view it in the browser, download it as a PDF file, or share it via email.