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Converged Systems Advisor

Prepare your environment

Contributors netapp-rlithman

To get started with Converged Systems Advisor, you must prepare your environment. Preparing your environment includes verifying support for your configuration and registering for a NetApp Support Site account.

You might want to learn how Converged Systems Advisor works before you get started.

  1. Verify support in the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool:

    1. Verify that Converged Systems Advisor supports your FlexPod converged infrastructure.

    2. Verify that you have a supported VMware ESXi server for the Converged Systems Advisor agent.

      To minimize bandwidth usage, NetApp recommends installing the agent in the same data center as the FlexPod converged infrastructure.

  2. Ensure that the network in which you install the agent allows connectivity between components:

    • The agent must have connectivity to each FlexPod component so it can collect configuration data.

    • The agent also requires an outbound internet connection to communicate with the following endpoints:




  3. Go to the NetApp Support Site and register for an account, if you do not have one.

    A NetApp Support Site account is required to configure the agent and to access the portal.