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If you encounter a problem while using Converged Systems Advisor, the following information might help you resolve the issue.

You cannot connect to the agent through a web browser

You need to connect to the agent through a web browser to configure discovery of your FlexPod devices. If you cannot connect through a web browser, ensure that the agent has an outbound internet connection to The agent application cannot start without an internet connection, which prevents you from accessing its web interface.

If a proxy server is required for internet access, configure the agent virtual machine to use it.

The agent cannot discover devices

If the agent cannot discover a FlexPod device, verify the following:

  • Ensure that the agent has an open connection to each FlexPod device.

    To verify, ping each device from the agent.

  • Verify whether a local network is using the 172.17.x.x subnet.

    The agent uses the 172.17.x.x subnet internally. If a local network is using that same subnet, then you must change the subnet on the agent:

    1. Log in to the agent’s virtual machine console.

      The default user name is csa and the default password is netapp. You should change the default password after you log in.

    2. Add the file /etc/docker/daemon.json with the following contents:

      { "bip": "172.44.x.x"}

      The bip address can be any non-conflicting IP address. It does not need to be in the 172 range.

    3. Reboot the virtual machine.