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SANtricity commands

Show SSD cache

Contributors netapp-driley

The show ssdCache command displays information about the SSD cache.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to any individual storage array, including the E2700, E5600, E2800, E5700, EF600, and EF300 arrays, as long as all SMcli packages are installed.


To execute this command on an E2800, E5700, EF600, or EF300 storage array, you must have the Support Admin role.


show ssdCache [ssdCacheName]


Parameter Description


The name of the SSD cache for which you want to retrieve information. Enclose the SSD cache name in square brackets ([ ]). If the SSD cache name has special characters or numbers, you must enclose the SSD cache name in double quotation marks (" ") inside square brackets.


This command returns the SSD cache information similar to this example.

SSD Cache name: my_cache

Status:                              Optimal
Type:                                Read Only
I/O characteristic type:             File System
Maximum capacity allowed:            1,862.645 GB
Current capacity:                    557.792 GB
Additional capacity allowed          1,304.852 GB
Drive capacities:                    All 278.896 GB
Quality of Service (QoS) Attributes
   Security capable:                 No
   Secure:                           No
   Data Assurance (DA) capable:      No
Associated drives:

Tray     Slot
0        4
0        11
Volumes using SSD cache:             volume_test

Minimum firmware level


11.80 adds EF600 and EF300 array support