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SANtricity commands

Show AutoSupport configuration

Contributors netapp-driley

The show storageArray autoSupport command displays the AutoSupport bundle collection settings for the storage array.

Supported Arrays

This command is operational for either the E2800, E5700, EF600, and EF300 storage arrays.


To execute this command on an E2800, E5700, EF600, or EF300 storage array, you must have the Storage Admin or Support Admin or Storage Monitor role.


The command output from this command shows the following configuration information:

  • The activation status for this management domain of the AutoSupport feature, the AutoSupport OnDemand feature, and the AutoSupport Remote Diagnostics feature

  • Delivery parameters that depend on the configured delivery method:

    • Delivery method is Email (SMTP): Destination email address, mail relay server, and sender email address are shown

    • Delivery method is HTTP or HTTPs:

      • Direct connection - destination IP address is shown

      • Proxy server connection - Host address, port number, and authentication details are shown

      • Automatic proxy configuration script (PAC) connection - script location is shown

  • Autosupport daily and weekly preferred time ranges

  • Information about ASUP capabilities, the chassis serial number, and the configured daily and weekly schedules


show storageArray autoSupport




   SMcli -n Array1 -c "show storageArray autoSupport;"

   The AutoSupport feature is enabled on this storage array.
   The AutoSupport OnDemand feature is enabled on this storage array.
   The AutoSupport Remote Diagnostics feature is enabled on this storage array.

   Delivery Method: Email (SMTP)
     Destination email address:
     Mail relay server:
     Sender email address:
   Delivery Method: HTTP
     Destination IP address:
     Connection: Direct
     Connection: Proxy server
      Host Address:
       Port number: 8080
       Authentication required: Yes
        User name: admin
        Password: ********
     Connection: Automatic proxy configuration script (PAC)
      Script location:

   The AutoSupport daily schedule preferred time range is from 12:00 AM to 01:00 AM.
   The AutoSupport weekly schedule preferred time range is from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Thursday, Saturday.

   AutoSupport Capable  AutoSupport OnDemand Capable  Chassis Serial Number  Daily Schedule  Weekly Schedule
   Yes (enabled)        Yes                           SX94500434             12:55 AM        10:08 PM on Thursdays

   SMcli completed successfully.

Minimum firmware level