Start Disk Pool Resource Provisioning

Contributors netapp-driley

The start diskPool resourceProvisioning command enables resource provisioning on a given disk pool and starts a resource provisioning enablement asynchronous operation on each volume in the disk pool. Resource provisioning requires that all the drives in the disk pool support NVMe’s DULBE feature.

Supported Arrays

This command applies to any individual storage array, including the EF600 and EF300 arrays; as long as all SMcli packages are installed.


To execute this command on an EF600 and EF300 storage array, you must have the Storage Admin role.


To disable resource provisioning on a disk pool, use the full provisioning command with the option to disable resource provisioning. A disk pool will be resource provisioned when created if all the drives are DULBE capable and the storage array’s resourceProvisionedVolumes setting is true.


start diskPool[diskPoolName] resourceProvisioning


Parameter Description


The disk pool you want to enable the resource provisioning feature. Enclose the disk pool name in square brackets ([ ]).

Minimum firmware level