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E-Series Systems

Power the controller shelves

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Learn how to attach the power cables and power on the drive shelves.

Before you begin

Make sure to do the following:

  • Install your hardware.

  • Take anti-static precautions.

  1. Plug in the power cables, one to each controller (EF600 pictured below).

    power cable inst hw ef600

    Power cables

    cabling power

  2. Connect the two power cables, one from each controller, to two separate power distribution units (PDUs) in the cabinet or rack.

    Caution Accessing a EF300 or EF600 controller canister from the shelf can be blocked by third-party PDUs. Do not use power outlets directly behind the controller canister.
  3. Allow the controller to boot for five minutes before completing the storage system set up and configuration.


The controller boots automatically. The LEDs flash on and the fans start to indicate that the controller is powering on.

Note Fans are very loud when they first power on.