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E-Series Systems

Requirements for EF300 or EF600 controller replacement

Contributors netapp-jolieg

Before you replace an EF300 or EF600 controller, review the requirements and considerations.

A controller consists of a board, firmware, and software. It controls the drives and implements the SANtricity System Manager functions.

Controller replacement requirements

Before you replace a controller, you must have:

  • A replacement controller canister with the same part number as the controller canister you are replacing.

  • An ESD wristband, or you have taken other antistatic precautions.

  • Labels to identify each cable that is connected to the controller canister.

  • A #1 Phillips screwdriver.

  • A management station with a browser that can access SANtricity System Manager for the controller. (To open the System Manager interface, point the browser to the controller's domain name or IP address.)

Replacement while powered on

You can replace a controller canister while your storage array is powered on and performing host I/O operations, if the following conditions are true:

  • The second controller canister in the shelf has Optimal status.

  • The OK to remove field in the Details area of the Recovery Guru in SANtricity System Manager displays Yes, indicating that it is safe to remove this component.