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E-Series Systems

Requirements for EF300 or EF600 host protocol conversion


Before converting the host protocol for an EF300 or EF600 array, review the following requirements.

  • You have scheduled a downtime maintenance window for this procedure.

  • You must stop host I/O operations when you perform the conversion. You cannot access data on the storage array until you have successfully completed the conversion.

  • You are using out-of-band management. (You cannot use in-band management to complete this procedure.)

  • You have obtained the necessary hardware for the conversion, which may include a new set of HICs and/or SFPs. Your NetApp Sales Representative can help you determine what hardware you need and help you order the correct parts.

  • The dual-protocol SFP transceivers support 16Gb and 8Gb FC, as well as 10Gb iSCSI. Therefore, you may not need to change SFPs if you have the dual-protocol and are simply switching between FC and iSCSI or vice versa.

  • Some host port protocol conversions may require a host interface card addition, or upgrade.