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E-Series Systems

Requirements for EF300 and EF600 SAS expansion card replacement

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If you plan to add a SAS expansion card to an EF300 or EF600, review the following requirements.

  • You must follow the Install and set up EF300 and EF600 storage systems to set up your controller.

  • You must update your firmware to the latest version. To update your firmware, follow the instructions in the Upgrading SANtricity OS.

  • You must schedule a downtime maintenance window for this procedure. You cannot access data on the storage array until you have successfully completed this procedure.

  • You must perform this task with both controller canisters.

  • You have an ESD wristband, or you have taken other antistatic precautions.

  • You have a #1 Phillips screwdriver.

  • You have labels to identify each cable that is connected to the controller canister.

  • You have a management station with a browser that can access SANtricity System Manager for the controller. (To open the System Manager interface, point the browser to the controller's domain name or IP address.)

  • EF300 controllers may have a SAS expansion card installed in port 1 to allow for drive tray expansion.

  • To cable your SAS expansion, see Cabling E-Series hardware for instructions.