Add components to search criteria

You can add components to your search criteria using the search text box or the Advanced Search.

About this task

If you know which components you want to add to the search criteria, you can enter the component names in the search text box. You can use the Advanced Search if you are not sure which components you want to add to the search criteria.

If you want to clear the components included in the search criteria, you can click Clear All in the top-right corner.

  1. In the Interoperability Matrix Tool home page, enter the component name in the search textbox to view the possible matches for the component.

    1. Click Add to include the component to the search criteria.

    2. Click Add As to include the components of multiple categories to the search criteria.

    3. If you click Show All Matches, IMT displays the Advanced Search using which you can include more components to the search criteria.

  2. Optional. You can include a component to the search criteria using the Advanced Search.

    1. Click Advanced Search.

    2. In the Advanced Search window, select a category or solution from the left pane.

    3. In the right pane, identify the component to be added to the search criteria and click Add.

    4. Enter keywords in the Advanced Search window.

You can activate keywords as a search option. If activated, then you can search one or more rows using keywords that are associated with those rows. You can also use the search text box within the Advanced Search window to search for a specific component. To remove a component added using the Advanced Search, you can click Remove in the right pane.


As you include components to the search criteria, the components are displayed in the right pane under Search Criteria.